Water Line Repair & Replacement

Water Line Repair and Replacement in South Lyon, MI, and Surrounding Areas

If you suspect a hidden water leak inside your home, call Do It All Do It Right Sewers at (248) 238-5167. We guarantee our lead detection specialist will find the problem and fix it quickly and efficiently.


A water leak that goes undetected can cause great damage to your home and your belongings. The water can compromise the structural integrity of your home’s foundation and ruin furniture as well as warp floors and walls. The dampness can also cause harmful mold and bacteria growth.


Often when a leak occurs, the source is readily evident. However, smaller leaks can be more insidious, and the water hidden inside your walls can travel a great distance before it becomes noticeable. Other hidden leaks can occur in pipes that run under slabs like underground pipes. You may not even be aware of a leak until you notice water pooling in parts of your yard.


If you suspect you have a hidden leak, contact the experts at Do It All Do It Right Sewers to help you fix the issue. We specialize in providing fast, efficient, and accurate water line repair and replacement in South Lyon, Michigan, and surrounding areas. Don’t hesitate and call us now at (248) 238-5167 to book an appointment with our highly experienced local plumbers.

Prompt and Reliable Water Leak Detection & Repair Solutions

Looking for prompt and dependable “water line replacement & repair near me” in South Lyon, Michigan, and surrounding areas? Contact Do It All Do It Right Sewers to work with highly trained and experienced water leak detection specialists! We have been solving some of the toughest water leak issues for over a decade. We understand that all water leaks, especially slab leaks and underground leaks can be extra tricky and threaten your home. That’s why we always respond quickly to water leak calls in our service areas. We use modern tools and equipment to locate and repair hidden water leaks fast and efficiently. Call us now at (248) 238-5167 to speak with our water leak detection specialists near you.

Lead Pipe Replacement in South Lyon, MI and Surrounding Areas

According to an EPA nationwide survey of water infrastructure, over 9.2 million lead pipes carry water into home across the United States. If your Michigan home has lead pipes, it is important to have the replaced to avoid contamination to the water. Lead pipes can cause “lead poisoning” that leads to serious health problems, such as high blood pressure, numbness, headaches, memory loss and fatigue. Lead poisoning is especially dangerous to babies and children as it causes poor brain development, weight loss and developmental disabilities. Here at Do It All Do It Right Sewers, we are committed to helping home and business owners in our neighbors, replace their lead pipes with high quality pipes. Call us today at (248) 238-5167 to learn more about our Lead Pipe Replacement services in South Lyon, MI and nearby areas.

Frequently Asked Questions about Water Lines

  • How do you need to hire a professional water line expert?

It is important to call the leak repair specialists at Do It All Do It Right Sewers if you notice any of the following early warning signs of a hidden water leak:

    • A strong moldy smell inside your house.
    • Brown, dark or wet spots on walls and ceilings.
    • A drop in water pressure.
    • Buckling or warping floors, ceilings, and walls.
    • Visible mold on your baseboards, ceilings, walls, or anywhere in your home.
    • Unexplained increase in water bills.
    • A continuously running water meter despite no water usage going on inside the house.
  • What causes a broken water line?

As rust and corrosion accumulate, the pressure will rise as new water struggles to pass through. Under pressure, your pipe will eventually crack. Tree roots can also cause or hasten water line clogs.

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If you suspect you are experiencing water line problems or need help installing a new line, call Do It All Do It Right Sewers for help. We’ve provided reliable and affordable plumbing solutions to South Lyon, Michigan, and its surrounding areas for years. Call us now at (248) 238-5167 to book an appointment with our water line specialists.

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